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Tricky little program...

2010-03-01 20:54:02 by JuicyLion

It's been a while since i've diddled around with flash, i storyboarded a nice one durring school a few days ago and just got around to animating today. I'm really not tech savy in the slightest so im not really good at coding or anything, all i do is insert a keyframe, draw it, insert another keyframe, draw it, etc...

I've been thinking that a sort of onioning function would help out. (where i could see faded outlines of previous frames) Is there anything like that in Flash? cs4 pro btw.

Tricky little program...


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2010-03-01 21:04:03

Are you fucking serious or just messing around?

0_UsingFlash/WS4C0E4220-5C0C-44c0-B58 D-496A5424C78B.html

JuicyLion responds:

Completly serious.

I rly havent even touched the drop downs. x////x



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